Why an Arrowhead?

P1400012 (2)If you’ve noticed that the symbol on my blog is an arrowhead and wondered “what does that have to do with anything”. Let me explain.

The story goes back to day’s 85-90 of my journey, in 2009. The adventure posed a few issues and as I used to say “you haven’t trusted God until you have to trust him for a toilet, a safe to park your camper/van each night or personal hygiene.” After a week without washing your hair you’ll be praising Jesus over any little spicket of water and believe me some of my hair washing adventures were quite creative. Ultimately I was in daily desperation for God’s protection and provision. But oh, what a place to be.

Let’s take a look at God’s provision and protection at work.

  • Mid-September 2009 I found myself available to work an extra day. This request put me in Craig County, Colorado. This gave me a free weekend to explore. I chose Arches National Park, Utah since I didn’t get to visit on my last trip west.
  • I remembered that when I was planning my trip I dreamed of waterfalls and later found them online. The falls were just off the highway heading to Arches, the falls God gave me in a dream.
  • After my visit to Arches I went to every scenic area along I 70 in Utah. At one of these scenic areas I saw a woman setting up her hand-made jewelry. My last trip west I planned to buy some Native American jewelry but it didn’t work out. I was determined this time.
  • As I looked at her jewelry I thought “it’s so fancy and beautiful but for this trip I want something simpler”. I spotted an arrowhead on a leather strand and thought “I like the arrowhead but it looks too masculine”. As I wandered I found arrowheads on silver chains. Bright pink, bright turquoise and olive green. I wanted turquoise but the color was too bright, the pink too girly and the green was just not my color. I couldn’t help be drawn to the odd little green one.
  • I knew he wanted me to have that green one, but oh that color. So I said “Lord, if it’s under 10$ I’ll get it.” It was 8$. So I said “Lord, it looks small so if it fits I’ll buy it”. Don’t you just love how we bargain with God? It not only fit perfectly but I knew it was where it belonged.
  • Later that day I Googled the stone, a leopard skin jasper. What meaning did this little stone represent. Yup, a jasper represents protection and provision. God gave me the perfect stone for this trip. But wait there’s more. After composing myself I searched for the meaning specific to the leopard skin jasper…a stone representing a spiritual journey. And that was exactly where I was. My road trip with Jesus was definitely a spiritual journey.

I understand I still haven’t gotten to the point – why an arrowhead. I asked that God too. “Lord, why an arrowhead? Why not a heart or a cross?” The answer came a week later. God said “An arrow not only protects and provides but it’s also a symbol of a warrior. I want you to know that I will always fight for your heart.”

The next week I was in Montana. Their state highway symbol is an arrowhead. I saw arrowheads everywhere as I experienced God’s protection and provision like never before.

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