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Welcome to New Life University

There are many Christian principles that can make your life better. As a matter of fact many of today’s self help ideas come from the Bible. To truly live the life, a transformed life, you need to work the program. Just as AA has twelve steps there living your new life as a child of God has steps too but only four steps.

  1. Acknowledge you fall short, you’ve sinned
  2. Acknowledge you can’t do it alone, you need Jesus’ help
  3. Ask Jesus for forgiveness
  4. Ask him into your life so you can live a repentant life

Step four is where people get tripped up and where others cry “hypocrite”. You can be a Christian and go to heaven on steps 1-3 but to experience the benefits and wonders of a life with Christ you need to practice step 4 – everyday for the rest of your life. This is where so many get fail because they don’t want to put the work or time into learning how to live their “new life”. They want the good life but not what it takes to get there. They never enjoy the life Jesus died to give them. New life University will give you the tools and guidance to live that life in easy to understand small chunks.

Many make a big deal out of steps 1-3 saying the “sinners prayer” and it is important, you can’t get to four unless you go thru 1-3; however, far too many new Christians are left hanging and left to face the hard questions on their own.

The day to day transformation into a child of God who actually resembles a child of god – free of anxiety,  insecurity, fear, doubt, depression, addictions, etc. In its place you get Jesus’ glory, joy, peace and the Holy Spirit.


The Curriculum:

New Life University 101- the basics, tools of the trade

Bible study tools
How do I study the bible?
Understanding the bible
Basic Christian beliefs

New Life University 201 – Basic Curriculum for Living the Life

Basic Principles
Foundational Disciplines

New Life University 301 – Advanced Curriculum for Living the Life

Deeper Disciplines
Deeper lessons from the Bible

New Life University 401 – Digging Deeper into the Bible

Culture and setting
Bible Studies

New Life University 501 – The Next Generation, teaching our young

These lessons will be based on my own lessons with Kai. You can expect these later in the year and be aimed at early preschoolers. As Kai grows so will the lessons from preschool to college…yes I plan on being here that long.

Lesson 1: Teaching Babies and Toddlers About God


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  2. Good luck with New Life University!

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