The Confident Mom: Bible study notes

These posts are my notes and thoughts as I read Joyce Meyer’s book The Confident Mom. I have provided these here for my M.O.P.S ladies to encourage and strengthen them as moms. I pray these lovely ladies will enjoy Joyce’s words as they come to realize that they don’t have to be perfect.

Chapter 1 – Are we having fun yet?

Chapter 2 – Perfect women need not apply

Chapter 3 – God can handle it

Chapter 4 – Fill ‘er up!

Chapter 5 – Keep your eyes on the mirror

Chapter 6 – Take a break…and believe

Chapter 7 – No fear here!

Chapter 8 – Can somebody please help me ?

Chapter 9 – Accentuate the positive

Chapter 10 – Free to move forward

Chapter 11 – Dare not to compare

Chapter 12 – What are you saying?

Chapter 13 – Shaping your child’s life

Chapter 14 – Keeping it simple

Chapter 15 – Enjoy the journey