The Confident Mom by Joyce Meyer, chapter 10

Bible Study Notes: The confident Mom, chapter 10, Free to move forward

Even if you started poorly in life if you put God first we can end up good. Even our kids can turn out good in spite of us. So many moms feel guilty about not doing enough…shoulda, woulda, ought, but our children can overcome any mother’s disadvantages or mistakes. Guilt doesn’t please god. It breaks his heart. He sent his Son so we could live guilt free.

To live free from the guilt cycle there are scriptural truths every mother must understand:

  1. When Jesus went to the cross, he defeated sin once and for all. We can consider ourselves dead to sin by focusing on Jesus and not our shortcomings or mistakes. We’re free to stop being legalists and extend God’s grace and mercy with kids.
  2. Study what bible says about guilt, forgiveness and grace. Jesus paid the whole price for every sin we’ll ever commit, past present or future. We need to receive and believe it. Pray the word; mediate on the verses you find in your study.
  3. There’s nothing you’ve done so bad that God can’t forgive. Don’t ignore parenting mistakes, but acknowledge them and apologize. Then pray for your children and trust God to cover the situation. Just don’t buy the lie that children can’t recover from your mistakes.

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