The Confident Mom by Joyce Meyer, chapter 7

Bible Study Notes: The confident Mom, chapter 7 – No fear here! 

Do you believe that it’s normal to worry about your kids? That’s actually a lie from the enemy, it’s not an inevitable part of having children, and it’s certainly not a virtue. A mother’s love doesn’t have to be in a constant state of anxiety because the bible tells us to fear not.

What will worry do for us? It will steal our joy, drain our enthusiasm for life, and darken our days with anxious thoughts and evil forebodings. It wastes our time, makes us sick and creates mental and emotional torture. Worry is sin. It’s disobedience to God. We’re supposed to live by faith not by fear.

How can we over come worry? First, we must fix mind on God’s word, not our worries. Second, refuse to dwell on the negative thoughts that creep into our heads. Third, talk yourself out of worrying; speak life. Do it by faith and your feelings will catch up. Your emotions don’t have to dictate our decisions and reactions.

I constantly fight this area; first with my children and now my grandson. It’s so easy to fall into the worry trap. When I find myself in the grip of evil forebodings, I remind myself if it doesn’t line up with God’s word it’s a lie of the enemy. If it’s a lie then the opposite will happen. I talk myself sane with the word of God.

What do you think?

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