The Confident Mom by Joyce Meyer, chapter 5

Bible Study Notes: The confident Mom, chapter 5 – Keep your eyes on the mirror

What do you think Jesus would do about misbehaving children? First, he’d be confident about disciplining because he has the wisdom of God’s. Second, he’d always be patient because he has the fruit of the spirit. Third, he wouldn’t worry because he trusts God for protection. Finally, he’d be a good example 24/7 because he’s the perfect image of God.

We can be like this too because we have Christ living in us. If this is true why do what he wouldn’t do? Understand, our souls and body haven’t been resurrected like our spirits. We haven’t been transformed into his likeness. We’re a work in progress and it’s a long and difficult process.

What can you do? Be patient with yourself and remember it won’t happen overnight. Just keep trusting God. Keep looking to the bible to reveal who you are in Christ and let it show you the changes you need to make with the grace of God. Only then can you live out of your true identity.

What do you think?

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