The Confident Mom by Joyce Meyer, chapter 2

Bible Study Notes: The confident Mom, chapter 2 – Perfect women need not apply

Do you strive for perfection in any area of your life? But then, if we were perfect we wouldn’t need Jesus. Remember, God wants us to do only a few simple things:

  1. Make Jesus our lord and savior
  2. Get to know Him and His word and develop an intimate relationship with Him
  3. Lean on and trust him for wisdom and strength
  4. Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to change us

Simple? Remember, these too are gradual because we learning as we walk our individual journeys. He doesn’t expect us to be perfect but to have a relationship with him. What can you do to lessen the pull of perfectionism? Separate your who from your do. We are human beings, not human doings.

If you’re concerned about the mistakes you make while your children watch just be quick to repent and get back on track with God. Your kids will see that too and it will help them to see how things are done in the real world. They need to know we’re spiritually mature and spiritually growing. Let them see you pray every day. Let them hear you praise god. But also let them watch you stumble and get right back up walking in faith. Give it to Jesus, pray they then won’t be harmed by your occasional mistakes.

If you want some example here are a few women in the bible that made mistakes:

  • Sarah – didn’t wait for God to give her a son but ran out ahead and today we see the effects throughout the Middle East.
  • Rahab – although a prostitute she helped the Israelite spies, married one of them and became great-grandmother of King David.
  • Bathsheba – In an adulterous relationship with King David, she had a son but God allowed the child to die. Then she has Solomon who was considered to be the wisest king in the bible.

Then there are more contemporary mothers, such as your very own mentor mom. I’ve had to fight perfectionism all my life but I have learned to trust in God and remember that I am not what I do.

How have you conquered the need to strive for perfection?

What do you think?

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