Thought Conditioner #36

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you! Isaiah 26:3, NLT

If your mind is filled with defeat thoughts, fear thoughts, resentment thoughts, you are bound to be in a state of mental unrest, even turmoil, and of course there can be no inner peace.

This passage advises you to practice thinking about God, to keep your mind “stayed” or fixed, not upon your troubles but upon God.

Keep your mind on God for as many minutes during the day as possible. This may be difficult at first for you are unused to spiritual concentration. Practice will make it easier.

~ ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Any spirit that is not of God is a peace stealer and puts our focus on our problems rather than the Lord. It’s often the “little sin’s” that do us the most harm. They eat away at our soul and spirit. Those soul blockers keep up a wall between us and God and keep us from receiving his help and peace.

It’s hard for the mind to be full of wrong spirits when it’s focused on God. Even if you have to refocus every other second, eventually you will break free and enjoy God’s true peace.

Reflect: Do you have a complaining spirit? A spirit of gossip? A negative spirit? A nit-picky, nagging spirit? These aren’t of God. Pray that the lord will help you. Reject those spirits and embrace the leading of the Holy Spirit.


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