Thought Conditioner #30

For in him we live and move and exist. Acts 17:28, NLT

This text is a formula for maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual energy. The tension and pressure of modern living draws wearily upon our energies. But here we have a renewal method. The text reminds us that God created us and that He can constantly and automatically re-create us. The secret is to maintain contact with God. This channels vitality and energy and constant replenishment into our being.

Every day, preferably about midafternoon when an energy lag usually comes, try repeating this text while visualizing yourself as “plugged” into the spiritual line. Affirm that God’s recreative energy is restoring strength and power to every part of your body, your mind, and your soul.

~ ~ Norman Vincent Peale


Too often I find myself lagging, especially early afternoon, especially when I’m cooking. My batteries aren’t charged. It’s time to take a spiritual rest. Even just five minutes alone in silence with God can restore your mind and body, like plugging into a wall socket.

Next time in the kitchen I’ll turn on some uplifting music and let it recharge my soul.

Reflect: How do you recharge?


One response to “Thought Conditioner #30

  1. breathing in
    i calm my body
    breathing out
    i smile 🙂

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