Thought Conditioner #22

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2, NIV

People often manufacture their own unhappiness by the negative manner in which they think about things. Work with your mind, exercise disciplinary control, and re-slant your thoughts for happier living.

Drain the mind, by consciously conceiving of yourself as dropping out every destructive thought, every fear, every inferiority feeling. Picture your mind as completely empty. Then start filling it with thoughts of God, and of Christ, thoughts about every good and pleasant thing. Practice this new habit regularly twice every day, morning and evening, to counteract the older and negative habit of allowing unhappy things to occupy your mind. In due course, unhappy thoughts will not feel at home in your mind, and happy thoughts will transform you.

~ ~  Norman Vincent Peale


Sometimes you are so strongly griped by a negative mindset that you have to fight it differently. Fight with the sword of the spirit – the word of God.

This is one of my life verses and was the first verse I used to claim change in my life; the power over a negative mindset. The enemy had me so tight in his grip that nothing short of God would release me. As long as he held me in that grip of negativity he knew I would never achieve what God had planned.

For weeks I repeated “Jesus, renew my mind”. This was a powerful sword. At first I wielded it moment by moment. I had never had such a bombardment of negativity before. The enemy was fighting with all he had. After two weeks I realized I hadn’t had a negative thought in many days. God’s word does produce miracles. To me being freed of something I fought all my life was a miracle, a miracle of healing the mind.

Reflect: Does your mindset need adjusted? Here is your prescription, your daily meds – repeat these words, take this pill “Jesus, renew my mind”. Take as needed. You will soon find relief.


8 responses to “Thought Conditioner #22

  1. Struggling with negativity lately….
    I will try your advice!

    • I will pray for you. I struggle with negativity off and on for most of my first 40ish years. Its so hard to break and it can be quite debilitating. I pray it works, there is power in His word.

  2. You blog is always so uplifting…

  3. I often share your posts it so enlightening be blessed.

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