Thought Conditioner #16

Come to me with your ears wide open. Listen, and you will find life. Isaiah 55:3, NLT

Most people live on the surface. They miss the most astonishing things. They see and yet they do not see. And the reason is they aren’t really looking.

The same is true about what they hear. They listen with the outer ear, only. For example, people go to church, and the Gospel never penetrates beyond the outer consciousness. That is because people do not listen with all their faculties. They do not lose themselves in it.

But when one inclines his ear and hears, listening as though his life depended upon it, getting every word, letting it sink into his mind by a deep and powerful penetration, then the message falls like a healing potency upon him. Every spiritual disease germ is killed, and he lives with new health and strength.

~ ~  Norman Vincent Peale

New life, renewal of all we are comes from the Word. We just can’t scratch the surface or seek to hear only what we want; pick and choose scripture to fit our desires, pick and choose from those anointed to teach. We must take whatever word we receive and let it flow from the ear down deep within our heart, to permeate our spirit. Like taking medicine If you don’t swallow it won’t get to the infected areas and heal the ills of our lives. If we have obstacles and an inefficient digestive system, or the combination of wrong meds we won’t get well.

It’s the same with the Word. Are there things in your life – heart or mind that prevent the word to pass through the ear to deep inside? Any soul blockers?

Reflect: What keeps the word from settling deep within you?


2 responses to “Thought Conditioner #16

  1. Anxiety is my #1 soul blocker. Praise God for grace and peace that passes understanding! Great to see you, Ana 🙂

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