Thought Conditioner #12

You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me into glory. Psalm 73:24, NIV

Perhaps, today, you have a problem which has baffled you. Try allowing this text to penetrate your mind until it becomes a dominating conception, and it will do some important things for you. 

It will make you understand that there is an answer to every problem, and that God is thinking along with you. It will bring to bear upon your problem that keen and sharp perception of wisdom called insight. 

If you put every problem in God’s hands, ask Him to give you the right answer, believe that He is doing just that, and will take the guidance that comes, your decisions will turn out right. 

~ ~  Norman Vincent Peale

Every situation has a solution even though you may not see it. God does have and is the answer. Relax and rest in the peace of Jesus while he works out all the answer to all of your problems. Once you’re relaxed the solution will come easier. It’s harder for the Holy Spirit to communicate while we’re all upset and stressed.

Remember: It came to pass

Reflect: How do you handle stress when you need answers? Do answers come easily after you’re calmed down?


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