Thought Conditioner #5

Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24, NIV

To pray successfully, you must employ affirmation and visualization. Form a picture in your mind, not of lack or denial or frustration or illness, but of prosperity, abundance, attainment, health. Always remember you will receive as a result of prayer exactly what you think, not what you say. If you pray for achievement but think defeat, your words are idle because your heart has already accepted defeat.

Therefore, practice believing that even as you pray you are receiving God’s boundless blessings, and they will come to you.

~ ~  Norman Vincent Peale


This is so true, how often do we ask God to provide but don’t follow through on our part – believing. This lack of belief reveals the attitude of our heart. Ask God for a heart transplant. Ask that your desires be matched with God’s and then do believe, don’t doubt. Always see the good things God has for you.

Don’t just go beyond God take me out of poverty to make me prosperous but God what am I doing that’s keeping me in financial lack. Show me what to change while I wait under your provision.

Go a step further and determine what the root of what you’re asking God for? For example, instead of praying “God give me improved health”, instead, pray “God show me what I need to do so that I can improve my health and Holy Spirit, remind me that your strength is there for me to accomplish what needs done.

Reflect: Do you have any prayers you need to change the focus of from me to Him?


2 responses to “Thought Conditioner #5

  1. So, so true. Positive affirmations and positive thoughts create positive energy vibrations that ultimately lead to the reality you seek. Love this post:))

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