Thought Conditioner #1

“What is impossible with man is possible with God.” Luke 18:27, NIV

This text shows how to do an “impossible” thing. Size up your problem, pray about it, do all you can about it. If it seems impossible, don’t give up, but affirm, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

Keep relaxed. Don’t worry. Avoid getting panicky. Never think, “This can’t be done.” Declare, “It can be done, it is being done because God is doing it through me.” Affirm that the process is in operation. The final outcome may not be entirely what you now desire. But, handled in this manner, the solution will be what God wants it to be.

~ ~  Norman Vincent Peale

I can’t count how many times when my girls were little that our circumstances seemed impossible. Once of these circumstances life seemed quite dire. All we had to eat was hot cereal for all meals. We lived on grits, coco wheat, cream of wheat and oatmeal. I could buy these for .15 cents a box at the local scratch & dent. I went through nine cars in five years because it was cheaper to get another car than to fix whatever major problem was wrong. I can’t count how many times I broke down somewhere along the thirty minute country drive from home to the nearest town – with my girls, in the rain, heat, dark, and negative degree temps just to get to work. It’s been nearly twenty years now and when people say “I don’t know how you did it”. Well, neither do I. That’s when I took the passenger seat and let God do the driving. He made all things possible. We never went hungry, I was always able to get to work and my bills were always paid. How did I do it? It wasn’t me.

Reflect: When has God come through for you when all looked impossible? Journal your thoughts and give praise to Jesus. Post your journal entry in the comments if you feel comfortable.


8 responses to “Thought Conditioner #1

  1. With great admiration for your incredible strength!! Ellen

  2. We ought to have unflinching belief on our Lord and thus will enhance our self belief. Having self belief with the association of our Creator always makes difference.

  3. The power of positive thinking…the power of love! Thanks for sharing your story, and here’s a recent one from me.

    My first born son found and loved baseball when he was young. He talked about playing MLB like lots of other boys. Growing older, he realized he needed to play college ball first so he set out to do just that. High School brought injury and an abusive coach his way. My son was convinced that it was God’s will to play college ball. Honestly, watching him suffer was awful and I offered him many outs. His senior season was marred by injustice and he wasn’t signed to a team. Last summer he played more ball and was scouted. He pitched a tournament winning game and got recruited. As I type, he’s pitching at college and it is nothing short of a miracle. My son never gave up hope, stayed close to the Lord, and let His will unfold in His time. At a young age, 19, he is a Godly man, all because he worked his tail off and let God do the rest ❤

    • What a great story, thank you for sharing it here.
      What a remarkable young man. So few people are blessed with the knowledge of God’s will for their lives, never mind sticking with it through the hard times. His story will surely prove to be an inspiration to many.

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