The Day My Soul Cried


“For every person who closed the door in my face, thank you. For every person who told me I wasn’t good enough, thank you. For every person who laughed and told me that I was wasting my time going to college, because I was going to fail, thank you. For every person who tried to break me, thank you. For every person who took my kindness for weakness, thank you. For every person who told me I was wasting time chasing my dreams because I would fail, thank you. It could of broke me. From the core of my heart, I thank you. I truly mean it, because if it weren’t for each of you I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t of spend hours and loss sleep studying. I wouldn’t developed tough skin. You pushed me to think about what I “really” want out of life. You pushed me to master my craft. You helped me develop the drive, passion and determination. You pushed me to not wait for someone to believe in my vision, but to find a way to make things happen. I know you didn’t “intend” to, but I thank you for teaching me to believe in myself! and you taught me to trust in God and lean on my faith, not man. Thank You!”

Yvonne Pierre, The Day My Soul Cried: A Memoir


12 responses to “The Day My Soul Cried

  1. Very wise thoughts….
    I wish you a lot of success , since you deserve it!

  2. Great perspective and way of putting it. This always has been my attitude. God has giving us a gift to recognize His blessing,

  3. I read a book a long time ago called “Thank You for Being Such a Pain” with the premise that it is the difficult people in our lives who make us better through their challenges. At the time, I told my grandmother about this book and she said, “You’re welcome!” She’s inching toward 100 now and she still makes me laugh 🙂 Thanks for the post, Ana ❤

    • Ah, but too often I find those difficult people bring out the worst in me :). Well not so much now. For me, it’s not so much the pains that make me better but those who challenge me to be better.

      I had a grandmother too who challenged me. She was my favorite person in the whole world and I was devastated when I lost her. She made me laugh as well. Cherish these days you have left with her, make as many memories as you can.

      Do you live near her, will you spend the holidays with her?

      • Exactly, Ana, and I sure as all-get-out don’t want to be that awful kind of difficult for anyone. Let’s limit the total number of awful difficult people to a few in a lifetime, yes?

        As for the challenging grandmothers, here we are 😀 Sadly, my paternal grandmother lives 3,000 miles away from me. The last time we visited we (pretty much) said our goodbyes until we meet again in heaven (God willing!) I am sorry for the loss of your grandmother, may she rest in peace. My maternal grandmother died when I was 20; devastating. She was never a difficult person a day in her life, sweetness and light.

        Sending hugs…

      • I’m all for a limit…I think I reached it in 2002.

        So sorry about your grandma. I know that’s hard being so far away. I lost both my grandma’s in the same year along with my father in law. It was a difficult year.

        I wish you a happy Thanksgiving. I pray you and your family will be safe and happy

  4. This is fantastic! You are one very wise and intelligent woman!

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