Parable of Persistence

The king told his followers a story to encourage them to pray and to never quit. He told them of a judge in a far off land that held no reverence for God or his people.

There was a woman in the town, a poor widow who was in need of justice. She petitioned the judge for justice from her antagonist. Each time he refused but eventually she wore him down. He thought “I may not care about what God or people think, I’ll see she gets justice so she’ll leave me alone.”

The king told them “if this unjust judge gave justice to the determined woman because she never gave up, doesn’t it show that God will do the same and more for those he loves? For those who seek him continually, crying out for justice and mercy. Would he continue to ignore their pleas? No! They will receive swift justice.

But will he find the faith of this poor widow in his followers ?

Adapted from Luke 18:1-8


Next Week: September’s Attitude: A Hopeful Attitude



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