We Judge

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9 responses to “We Judge

  1. I come to you with love Especially for You much happiness and good health transmits the iubire.Va want a magical evening and a good night sleep and blessed.

    • thanks for those photos, did you take them. Is the baby your child, how sweet.

      thank you for the blessing. I didn’t read this until this morning but I did have a good nights sleep, I slept thru the night and that happens only rarely

      have a very blessed day

  2. yeseventhistoowillpass

    So true So. True!

  3. Great quote,we even judge ourselves. more often.Regards.JM

    • yes, actually I tend to judge myself harder than others, but most people have rose colored glasses when looking in a mirror. But God says “don’t judge” – not even ourselves. Thanks for visiting

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