Secret formula for happiness

Lesson from traveling in time (Tim played by Domhnall Gleeson), from the move About Time)

“Part one of the two-part plan is ‘I should just get on with ordinary life living day by day just like anyone else…

But then came part two of dad’s plan. He told me to live every day again almost exactly the same. The first time with all the tensions and worries that stop us noticing how sweet the world can be. But the second time, noticing…

Some days of course you only want to go through it once.”

In the end Tim decided to

“Live every day as if I’ve deliberately come back to this one day, to enjoy it as if it were the full final day of my extraordinary ordinary life…

We’re all traveling through time together every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best; to relish this remarkable life.”

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I would love to relive some days, to spend more time with those gone but to live it all over again – NEVER! I wouldn’t want a do over if it meant what was most important to me never existed…those I’ve loved. Enjoy them now, while you still can. Once they’ve gone don’t dwell on the “what should of, could of, wished had been” remember every moment you spent in joy and laughter.

Next Week: A Kind and Caring Attitude


8 responses to “Secret formula for happiness

  1. Inspiring and beautiful thoughts.Have a blissful week.JM

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