Develop Your Patience



11 responses to “Develop Your Patience

  1. How incredibly true and how important – the need to take ownership for what we do and think!

  2. Patience and silence go hand in hand .Remarkable quote Ana.Jalal

  3. I agree – I stopped watching her for like ten years – and then in he last year started to record her shows on the DVR – and I like to have her shows on while cleaning up =spirit food = and she has such practical wisdom – and I feel so likeminded with her, ya know? anyhow, awesome quote you choxew. have a great day. 🙂

    • I stopped watching her for 2 years while I traveled and am now only getting back into it. But I agree, she’s great spirit food. I think i’ll try your idea of listening while “choring”.

      I do quote her a lot, so do expect more. Thank you for the thoughtful comment

  4. Others sure can help you practice, tho! ;oP

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