Just for Today


Thy strength, oh Lord, just for this day
I pray You will impart.
For me again renew my faith
As this new day I start.

Reach out to me and keep Thy hand
On everything I do.
Direct my path to things undone
And guide to paths anew.

Give me the patience that I need
to do for others now
the things that You would have me do
And kindly show me how.

Through doubts and fears, and heavy loads
I struggle on my way,
Yet through the rugged path I know
That you are near today.

You steer my feet and lift my heart
And make the light to shine.
Then all my trouble, aches and pains
I gladly leave behind.

Annie May Schrimsher

9 responses to “Just for Today

  1. happy easter ana 🙂

  2. yeseventhistoowillpass

    Hi… This is omtatjuan and my new blog.. I shut down my other one.. Too many energy vampires that got out of control.. yeseventhistoowillpas.wordpress.com

  3. Beautiful words poem and fantastic macro shot @Ana, superb!

    • Thank you. And by the way, I did take your advise on macro, I didn’t get as many opportunities as I thought I would, I guess it’s not that time of year yet for an abundance of flowers, we’re just getting out of the dry season. I did get some lovely shots though. Thanks, I’ll keep working at it.

  4. “Direct my path to things undone
    And guide to paths anew.” Beautiful!!!

  5. May you indeed be able to leave your troubles behind. Thanks for liking our post on http://www.hopeandencouragementforthespirituallyabused,disappointedanddisillusioned.wordpress.com We look forward to your return visits and comments.


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