Time for what we value

Untitled-002I came across the video “Bill Hybels: Coffee With God” in a blog I follow from Blueprint for Life. Juggling Kai, work and my household duties I’ve found I have little time for the things in life that are truly important. Number one on that list is time with God. It’s so easy to put God last when our time demands run amuck.

I found this video encouraging and I’m more determined to find time for God no matter what. Bill suggests that daily, consistent time with God is life-changing. We must find some way, some place, some time each day to sit quietly, reflect on God, read, worship and pray. I was accustomed to spending 2-3 hours a day with God and found it frustrating that my schedule no longer allows for that luxury; however, it’s not how much time but the quality and consistency of that time.

Another issue I’ve had is atmosphere (or place) of worship. I had become quite spoilt on my “Jubilee Journey”, just to be with God for hours in the most beautiful and peaceful places. I’m lucky if I find a rare moment of quiet now that I’m living with my daughters and grandson. There is no peace, no solitude. Bill says you can spend time with God anywhere, in a rocking chair looking out on a beautiful vista, in a booth in Burger King or in your car. Actually, at this time in my life I believe Burger King would be a better option than home…fewer distractions.

Why is this consistency important? Because the benefits of consistent morning time with God is that “his presence lingers after the meeting”, we think on him throughout our day.

If you have time check out the video. It’s about 9 minutes.


2 responses to “Time for what we value

  1. Beautiful post, beautiful blog.

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