Soul Blockers: Evil Forebodings

You might think the antithesis of this month’s topic, a positive attitude, would be negative but I’ve decided to address one form of negativity…evil forebodings. Evil forebodings will zap any amount of positivity as well as mental and physical energy. So why do I address this instead? …I had to deal with it, not once but twice this week.


As a young girl I would have imaginings of my ailing mother dying. I’d hear sirens and cry for fear something had happened to her. As an adult I transferred some of these irrational thoughts to my husband and then to my children. I would sit and imagine what seemed to be for hours, thoughts of some catastrophe that would take them from me.

103_8967This may stem from my own abandonment from my father leaving then learning my mother was dying when I was ten. But I believe there is more to this. My (step) dad was very negative and as much as I tried to not be like him, what was on him got on me. Many years ago I dealt with my negative attitudes in all its forms so when I had an attack this week I found it odd…and debilitating. I spent the day imagining some horrible catastrophe was going to happen and with nothing to prompt these thoughts. Often when we teach something we will experience the same issue, the enemy likes to challenge us. It happened again today but through the grace of God I overcame it quickly.

Evil foreboding goes beyond a negative attitude and engulfs the sufferer in imaginations of catastrophe. And there isn’t necessarily any precursor to such thoughts. The individual doesn’t choose to sit and think the worst. What is the root of evil foreboding, and many negative thoughts? John Eldredge in Waking the Dead explains it perfectly

100_4083“…most of the time we don’t recognize it as an attack. At first it tends to be vague – not voices in the head, not an obvious assault, but more of a “sense” we have, an impression, a feeling that comes over us. The power of suggestion. Now, if some demon were standing in front of us, telling us, ‘Here, drink this rat poison,’ we’d tell him where to go. But because we do not live as though we are at war, well, we just assume these impressions are our own, and we accept them, agree with them, live under them like slaves under a task master. Listen carefully: any movement toward freedom and life, any movement toward God or others, will be opposed.”

Epiphany! I no longer had to work on my “problem”, I didn’t need to focus on “self-help” formulas; but I was entering the fight of my life. I was at war in a battle for my mind, my peace and my joy.

Trouble mind = no renewal, no restoration (Ephesians 4:23)

No peace = troubled hearts (John 14:27)

No joy = no strength (Nehemiah 8:10)

Evil foreboding will steal your positive attitude so how do we protect ourselves? Recite Romans 12.2 – be transformed by the renewal of your mind. Be in continual contact with the one who heals, restores and renews. By keeping such verses in the forefront of your mind you will break the strongholds in your life. As John further explains…

“…a believer can have a stronghold of Satan in his life. It’s not just about anger; it can happen through all sorts of issues. The Devil will try to use your wounds and unresolved emotional issues to pin down your heart under a spiritual stronghold.”

aquarium-busch gardens 571Fight, fight hard. You’re at war and you are the prize. Identify the areas where you’re the weakest. What routinely steals your peace? Ask yourself, what is the root of the problem? For me evil forebodings are rooted in abandonment issues and that is where I needed to go for healing. Not just once, as you read above. Even areas once conquered and long gone can come back to haunt you…be aware and be on the lookout for the enemy roams like a roaring lion seeking to someone to devour. (1 Peter 5:8)

“If it doesn’t bring freedom and it doesn’t bring life, its’ not Christianity. If it doesn’t restore the image of God and rejoice in the heart, it’s not Christianity.”
~ John Eldredge ~


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10 responses to “Soul Blockers: Evil Forebodings

  1. AirportsMadeSimple

    Hi Ana, me again. I read this post and I understand your points. In my Life, I go with my gut instincts, and usually, they are correct. However, as is the case with many, I can give advice, but don’t take my own advice! Eek.

    As to what I call “feeling that a boot is coming down soon,” I find that logical thought has helped me greatly. Not to say you can’t go with your instincts, but when you add logical thought (Again, this is just me) to the equation, it can be very enlightening.

    When I ask myself: “What are the odds of this happening?” Or, “Why am I thinking this?” The answers usually jump out at me on the page. If they don’t, I try to do something way out of the ordinary for that day. Work, dinner, animals, blogs – they can all wait. I must be “ok” to be ok for others. It doesn’t change others’ behavior, to be sure. I’ve been attacked and bullied on my site a few times. But it’s those of us who keep getting up – like a boxer in the ring – that win.

    Growing up, I was ingrained with the Bible on a daily basis–private church schools, uniforms, the whole nine yards.

    My first car was obtained as follows: I worked at Sears, Roebuck from age 16-18, and I also memorized the Book of Romans and quoted it to my father a CHAPTER at a time from memory, and then he chipped in and matched me the money I’d saved from working at Sears (I was never given an allowance.).

    So I know much of the Bible by heart, but now I find it more a part of me than a reference, if that makes sense. (Do unto others…don’t judge others until the log in your own eye is removed…etc…)

    Anyway, I do know what you are feeling – or as much as I can gather from this post. In my case, I find that a simple, rational thought process helps me: meaning, I have a checklist: Is this rational/irrational? Based on my past or present? That kind of thing. When I write these down, it really helps, too. Then again, sometimes there’s nothing like a good ol’ chat with a friend or co-worker over coffee. 🙂

    I believe we are in each others lives for a reason. The funny part of me wants to crack a joke about certain folks and say “and what’s the reason here, please?” Hee hee

    But I think it’s true on some level. And, we also have the freedom to choose the “whos” are in our lives, right?

    And, we must choose carefully. 🙂

    Take care, D

    • Now I wish I said more in the post, I’m always second guessing what I write, always thinking “I should have said…”.

      I have often used instinct, or promptings from the holy spirit, that is when I’ve paid attention. This is different. It’s like a weight pressing down. I’ve learned to refresh my mind with thoughts from the bible “the enemy is a liar” so what I’m “expecting” isn’t going to happen. If my thoughts aren’t true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, worthy of praise, then they aren’t from God. I have also found that being with others helps defeat these demons.

      Your advise is excellent for a typical negative attitude, makes sense to think “are these thoughts rational/irrational”. I had to learn anything with absolutes (always, never) are irrational and not worth the time in thought.

      I’m so grateful that by the grace of God I did work through these attitudes. It had been so long since I experienced these evil forebodings I had forgotten how to deal with them. I guess I needed a refresher courses 🙂

      I’m sorry you’ve had problems, I can’t imagine why. There’s no room for nastiness on another’s blog. this is a nasty-free zone! And crack a joke, laughter is wonderful.

      Thanks so much for these thoughtful comments, they are helpful and make it feel more like a real community here.

      • AirportsMadeSimple

        Hi Ana. I totally understand now. 😀 I think you’re doing a great job sharing your life experiences and feelings. Keep up the good work.

        you know, a lot of people just read and go on to read something else, and we don’t know who they are.

        So, that’s why I want to stay positive and encourage people to never give up—on whatever their current struggle might me. That’s how I look at it.

        Have a great week!! :-D. Cheers, D

      • Thanks and I know many don’t even read. I just pray that those need encouraging are finding there way to the places they need to be. Even if one person is helped, and even if I never know, God knows and all is in his hand. Looking at our stats we can see there are many more visitors than we’d realize, I hope they getting the info they want. If not there are plenty of others 🙂

        Thanks so much for your comments and support.

      • AirportsMadeSimple


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  4. 6 years later and I’m grateful for this post, thank you.

  5. I desperately need help in this area. I’m 59 years old and am now realizing that ‘evil forebodings’ are what have haunted me for my entire life. A feeling of doom always surrounding me. Like I’m walking/living in a big bubble of fear, darkness, and negative energy. It has absolutely stolen my life. I want so much to know what it feels like to be rid of this darkness.
    I don’t ever remember feeling like there was any hope for the future. I didn’t save any money for my children’s college, literally because I felt convinced that the world was going to end long before they were old enough to go to college. Obviously, the world is still here long after they graduated from college. It’s that kind of doomsday thinking that has plagued my entire life though. I honestly can’t ever remember looking forward to anything more than a couple of weeks away. I’ve never had any hopes and dreams for the future. Never. It sounds dramatic and exaggerated, I’m sure … but it’s true… and sad. I just want to feel hopeful and happy before I die.

    • I’m so sorry, I can’t imagine how bad it’s been. I only remember it getting bad for me after the loss of my parents. I understand it’s a hard thing to live with. The enemy wants to steal your life, you can’t let him. Find a verse and say it every time you have an evil foreboding, or any negative thought. When i started i often had to repeat Romans 12.2 every minute. After a couple weeks i realized i wasn’t having many negative thoughts. I’d suggest Romans 12.2 or John 10.10. The word of God can and does heal. Good luck. Let me know if it helps.

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