A Positive Attitude

A bad attitude can make or break you. Dwelling in negativity keeps you in the wilderness, wandering around and away from your promised land. We don’t have to work to develop a negative attitude but we sure do if we want a positive attitude and we need to do it on a daily basis. Paul tells us in Ephesians (4:23) that our mind must be constantly renewed. Joyce Meyer adds, “God has a good life for you, but you must have your mind completely renewed in order to experience it.”

Our attitude can draws people to us or turn them away. Our attitude determines if we succeed or fail. Our attitude determines if life gives us obstacles or opportunities as well as what we do with them. That is, how we deal with them.

Negative thinking limits the flow of the Holy Spirit in your life and hinders your potential. Being positive shows God you believe he is greater than any difficulty. It’s sad to have received the gift of life but then live with a miserable state of mind, to never experience what Jesus died to give you.

Our thoughts are powerful. You can think yourself in or out of a situation and you can think yourself sick or well. A positive attitude can promote healing. Positive thoughts resist negative attitudes such as unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment and offense.

To change your circumstances start thinking differently, don’t passively accept bad circumstances. Put a detailed picture in your mind of what should be. Pray about it. Believe it. Have faith. Work at it. If you think you lack it could be that you create conditions that produce lack. Think prosperity, achievement, success. This won’t make you rich but definitely can improve your life and your outlook.

A Prayer for a Positive Attitude

Lord Jesus, guide us in changing our attitudes to be more like you and make us aware when we’re entertaining negative thoughts.

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16 responses to “A Positive Attitude

  1. AirportsMadeSimple

    So true! Attitude is everything. 🙂 Have a wonderful week. D

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