Meeting my family ….

This post reminded me of how grateful I am to have found my family after more than 45 years. We all need reminded at times to keep giving thanks for those things in our lives that have been important



I guess you could say I’m living my life backwards … most live with their parents until their older and then move away … I moved away younger and now that I am older I have moved back with my family.

Being away for so long … almost 12 years … has made me realize MY GOD! FAMILY ROCKS!!! I missed them all so much … sooooo much! But no more missing, this is my chance 🙂

That’s why today my thankfulness belongs tooooo…. This amazing opportunity God has given me to “meet” my brother and my dad. I moved away when I was very young and while they’ve always been in my life, I have never actually had the chance to get to know them – like their hearts, you know? And well…. now is the time 🙂

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