Thank You, God


Thank you, God,
For miracles in gloomy things,
Storms and snow,
Thank you for the poems in forests
And fine rain
That in its silver sings.

Thank you, God,
For grass with voice of green
And minty spring.
Thank you for the stones
That live in silence and wait
For a butterfly’s white wings.

This old world of problems
Does not seem so bad
When I have you to walk beside me
And see
Your beautiful earth things.

~  ~  Marion schoeberlein  ~  ~


6 responses to “Thank You, God

  1. Ana, this picture captures everything I love, and miss, about living in Pennsylvania. While I love living in the Arizona desert and am grateful to call it home, I miss the days of lush greens, deep reds, and warming golds of autumn. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful! I miss the multi-colored autumns of Kentucky. Just last weekend, I noticed some brilliant yellow and orange-red foliage in Texas. Not as colorful, but definitely bright–I have my dose of fall for 2013. 🙂

    • You’re close on the location, the photo was taken in Indiana. I know what you mean, fall is about the only thing I miss about the north. Unfortunately my dose of fall colors comes in the form of artificial leaves. Fall’s changing colors means changing from green to dead. Thanks again for visiting.

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