New Feature

I have added a new feature to Jubilee Journey –  Daily Meditation. It is important to put encouraging and uplifting thoughts in our minds. There is so much in the world to distract and discourage us. It’s important to refresh our minds with positive thoughts to counteract the negativity inherent in this life. I hope you enjoy your daily mediation.

AND…I’d appreciate your feedback on this feature. Is the placement convenient? Would it be better as a page with a tab at the top or as a post? I want this feature to be easily accessible and convenient. Now, the feature is on the second sidebar which is only visible on the home page, not on each post.


6 responses to “New Feature

  1. I think it would be good as a page with a tab at the top but I could be wrong.

    • Yes, after seeing where it’s located I thought maybe it was too much hassle to get to and no one would want to make use. Thank you for your comment, I’m leaning in that direction.

  2. If you prefer the side bar, perhaps you can put it on the first row rather than the second…so that it is more catchy….just a suggestion….love the new feature…more to read…hehehee…Cheers!!! 😀

    • Thanks for responding. You’re right, it would be better in the first, however I have little choice over the layout. The first sidebar is dedicated only to featured photos in the posts and adds each current photo at top, so it changes every time I add a new post. I thought about putting at the top of the second but I have my quote there and that’s something I want to been visible continually. I’d like it in the top (heading) but this theme doesn’t allow for that. I’m going to check out more themes that might work better.

      And I’m always open to suggestions! Thanks

      • Awww…choosing a new theme might be a good way but it takes (painstaking) time to choose a perfect theme for our blog…anyway, now I know it is at the side bar…I bet the other lovely souls would locate it as well…hehehe…

        All the best in this task and have a lovely weekend ahead, my friend! Cheers~ 😀

  3. made another change, now its on top. Is this a better position?

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