Day 676 – May 7 2011 Winding down & the end of a journey

The Jubilee Journey has been a journey of freedom, restoration, reconciliation and living extraordinarily with Jesus. What I did…traveling with Jesus for two years, living in a minivan, going places I’d never dreamed…on the surface may not seem like much or even interesting. Many of you may not be able to imagine doing what I did or ever even want to. You have other dreams. Everyone has a dream on their heart put there by God that will require you to rise above to live an extraordinary life and it will change you forever. Even without all mind blowing gifts from God I experienced I would still see my life on the road as extraordinary and I will never be the same.

My journey officially ended May 6th. I left for Alabama may 4th and broke down 30 miles from the Alabama line with the same problem. Not only did I not make enough to recoup my losses on the first repair I can’t get the van fixed again. I’m here in Florida and who knows when I’ll get to leave again. When God says he’s done he means it. I didn’t listen so he opened my ears. It’s time to start dealing with this adjustment to a stationary life.

For months I haven’t known how to stop; I didn’t want to let go. I was different and I didn’t know how to fit this new me back in what I perceived as an ordinary life. I think about all the nights I spent searching for a place to stay and all the odd places I ended up in and all I remember was that Jesus was there. I would get frustrated but I never thought about giving up, no, just the opposite. The thought of quitting would cause anguish. All the times I cried for Jesus to give me a place to wash my hair. I’d ask for waterfalls or to hear a song on the radio and He provided.

I feel like a princess in disguise. No one who sees me knows of my extraordinary experiences with the King of kings. I look around at everyone around me and wonder “do they know what Jesus can do for them”. I don’t feel high and mighty like I’ve done some wonderful thing, no, I feel humbled for having spent two years alone with the King of Kings. I am different. How do I fit in now? Will I ever experience such peace again? I feel lost.

Not everyone who wants to experience an extraordinary life needs to give up all they have, let go their secure life and hit the road alone for an undisclosed period of time. There may be a dream Jesus has put in your heart to fulfill. This isn’t the only dream I’ve ever had nor is it the only one that’s been fulfilled but it is the only one that required me to give up more than I thought I had to receive more than I could imagine. I’d encourage everyone to do something at least once in your life that’s bigger than you, so big that it can only be accomplished with Jesus. If you do you will never be the same. Walk with royalty and be transformed into the child of a king that you are.


2 responses to “Day 676 – May 7 2011 Winding down & the end of a journey

  1. Wow! You’d be a great motivational speaker! Your words bless and encourage me.
    Thank you ~ Wendy

    • Thank you so much. I would love to motivate and encourage others. It was my greatest hope that readers would gain hope and encouragement. The enclosed link is for the most emotional post for me and demonstrates that no matter how dead you think something is Jesus can restore.

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