Day 649, 4.10.11 – My Kentucky Home

All my life I believed my father had only two siblings but in fact there were four. I never knew my Uncle Harold and Aunt Rachel existed. But they knew of me and had actually met me when I was an infant. I was as excited to meet them as I was to find my father. This was one more healing, one more relationship restored. I believed any knowledge of my father and his family was gone. Oh how wrong I was.

I had a wonderful time with them. We looked at pictures and they told stories of my father from his childhood, of their childhoods and of my grandparents and many more family members. They drove me around the area and I visited the graves of my grandparents and other ancestors. I saw where my father grew up, the place where his house was, the family farm and Rachel took me to a little church she visited as a child.

My family is warm and inviting and I look forward to another visit. They made me feel as if I’d come home.


2 responses to “Day 649, 4.10.11 – My Kentucky Home

  1. What an amazing journey, such a wealth of discovery of stories and places. What blessings. Peace be with you dear sister.

    • Thank you for your comments and support throughout my telling this story. No words can describe the emotions nor what i experienced over the 23 months I was traveling, learning & trusting.

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