Day 618, 3.10.11 – Letting go & moving on

Letting go & moving on…not yet as I head out to recapture the essence of the Jubilee Journey.

I’ve taken several short trips to Alabama and Mississippi over the past two months and yes, I said I’d never go back to Mississippi but this time I mean it. That state is crazy. I thought I could make a go of traveling back and forth between the southeast and Orlando but the cost is prohibitive so now I begin an extended six week trip.

I’m having trouble letting go of the journey. I’m ready to stay in Florida with my girls but yet my heart is pulled back to the road. But as much as I seek, I’m not finding God as I did before. This adjustment to being stationary has proven quite difficult. It’s unsettling, I feel lost and out of place but yet I don’t feel the same peace and flow of grace as I had before while traveling. I can’t seem to adjust and move on so I keep going with what I know.


What do you think?

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