Day 549 – Dec 31 2010 – Jubilee journey recap

Count off seven Sabbaths of years—seven times seven years: Seven Sabbaths of years adds up to forty-nine years. Then sound loud blasts on the ram’s horn on the tenth day of the seventh month, the Day of Atonement. Sound the ram’s horn all over the land. Sanctify the fiftieth year; make it a holy year. Proclaim freedom all over the land to everyone who lives in it—a Jubilee for you: Each person will go back to his family’s property and reunite with his extended family. The fiftieth year is your Jubilee year.         –Leviticus 25:8-11a (The Message)

It’s amazing that I chose this verse to represent my journey. When God first proposed the journey I thought jubilee, the 50th year, my 50th birthday; freedom and restoration. That’s been me; God had been working to set me free of bondages so my heart could be restored. It fits for a Christian to claim this in Jesus but little did I realize how literal the meaning of this verse would become.

As you may remember two years ago God told me to go west and I set out on the adventure of a lifetime; traveling the US and Canada, learning to trust, experiencing peace, joy and blessings while receiving restoration and learning to live free. The first was my jubilee birthday and the restoration with my family in Georgia. True to the biblical jubilee year God restored me to my homeland and my extended family. In September he restored my daughter’s heart back to him and to me. Then this past October when I went back to my Massachusetts home, to The Cape, distant friendships and my connection to this place were restored. Thanksgiving brought restoration to my heart when I let go of the anger towards my uncle. Christmas 2010 proved to be the biggest restoration yet; the one that was in my heart since I was a very little girl. And the one I believed was the most hopeless.

While this journey began as a celebration of my 50th year, of freedom in Christ, a time of learning trust and love it took many unusual twists and turns. I thought I was learning trust, and I did. I thought I was leaning to live free in Christ, and I did. I thought I was learning to find my sense of self and sense of security in Christ, and I did. What was the real lesson in this jubilee journey? Relationship is everything and Jesus is in the business of restoring relationships. This journey didn’t begin the first day I left or the day I finally went west. It began in January 2008 when God was teaching me to love him and to let him love me; he was restoring relationship with Him. Next the journey, he spent two years showing me how to love myself, to restore relationship with myself that had been broken as a child. Finally, God taught me to restore relationship with others. Now I feel able to help others restore their relationship with God, to bring others to restoration in Jesus.

I want to thank all of you for traveling with me through all the glory and struggle of this journey. You know how difficult it has been at times and some have declared, “I don’t know how you have done it this long”. It was by the grace of God. He sent me on the road, he would be the one to release me and let me stop. As hard as its been these past few months I decided to stand firm and stay on the road until He was finished with the work He was doing in me. Now I know, I had to stay long enough for the final restoration, for my Christmas miracle.


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