Day 538 – Dec 20 2010 – And then there was Jesus…

So much for my pathetic Christmas alone praying for heat, no Jesus has other plans for this weary road warrior. First, the lady my girls are renting a room from said she had an empty room and I was welcome to it…YEAH, I’m going to be with my girls for Christmas.

Then, the last few counties I was to visit were going to close a day earlier so I’m going to leave out the evening of the 22nd. That means I’ll have a free day before I need to be home for our family Christmas activities on the 24th. It’s out of the way but I just have to visit my father. I’ve waited too long for this not to go now. Maybe this visit to the cemetery will give me some closure.

If here is anything you refuse to give up it will be an obstacle to growth, and when you get to where you don’t care if you have it, it loses its power to block you from God.


What do you think?

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