Day 507 – Nov 19 2010 – Rest for the weary

I searched and searched for a campground, I’m so tired of fighting for a place to stay. And then I found one and in a county I needed to work in. The owner wasn’t too sure about letting me stay since he was full and the only place I could stay was the visitor’s parking lot. I explained that was all I need, a place to park and access to a shower. And the shower was right across from me as well as a Laundromat and convenience store. Feels like home knowing I won’t have to leave for three days.

Saturday I spent the day at Big Bend National Park, another desert landscape of beauty and warmth. I haven’t been able to get to Mexico yet but I did get to see it. I parked along the Rio Grande River and there it was along the opposite bank. I got out of my car and heard mariachi music. Now what else would you expect as you look at the home of this Mexican folk music. It wasn’t as surreal as you’d expect. I took a closer look I saw people camping across the river. Oh well, it was a mystical for a moment.

This park is interesting, varied landscapes and things to do and see. There are a few ghost towns, arches, the Rio Grand, canyons and unpaved back roads. Beware the wild life, I saw road runners, small compared to their cartoon counterparts, a black bear, and a tarantula crawled across the road not 15 feet in front of me. I was out of the car photographing an old building so let me tell you it didn’t take this arachnophobe long to get back in the car. I sped past as chills went up my spine, as I imagined it somehow hopping into the van. I wish I had thought to get a photo, no one would believe how big it was…bigger than my hand.

I made it back to the campground after dark and began doing my laundry. I heard a ruckus in the green area in front of me I thought it may be raccoons but they started grunting. There must have been 15 or more and in all sizes. I saw two that had to be at least three feet long. I went to the store to ask the owner what they were, he explained that they were called javalina, a type of wild pig. They are harmless unless you approach their young.

What a weekend for wild life, quite exciting.


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