Day 494: Nov 6 2010. “Canyon de Chelly”

This weekend I went to the Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico, the Canyon de Chelly National Monument in Arizona, Mesa Verde National Park and Great Sands National Park in Colorado. Only a seasoned traveler would dare make such a trip. It was a lot of driving but well worth it.

I must say, Canyon de Chelly was my favorite, a stunning jewel in the vast desert. If there was any dampness or chilled bones this place took it all away. There was darkness in my soul? Where? This place is a perfect refuge for healing. I was blessed to have several conversations with some of the local Navajo artists, what a wonderful people. I’ve not felt so welcomed by strangers since my week in Bellaire Michigan.

“…what so many Dreamers miss during their trek through desert times are the diamonds in the sand – those extraordinary evidences at almost every turn of a generous and merciful [God] at work.”

Bruce Wilkinson – The Dream Giver


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