Day 489: Nov 1 2010. “Desert and wasteland”

A month in the deserts of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona is just what my soul needs. After a month in cold damp New England I’m ready for the dry warmth of the southwest. I am damp inside and chilled to the bone and not just from the weather but also too many people and too many crazy drivers. It’s time for some quiet solitude. There’s nothing like a desert to provide much needed silence and solitude to heal the soul.

While many would consider the desert a wilderness, lacking in usefulness and life, it actually deems with life as well as giving life; solitude and ghostly quiet restores. In contrast, a wasteland is void of life and nothing can live there. When the soul is in a time of wilderness the heart slowly dies. The beauty of the desert restores the soul; the wasteland challenges us if only we can move beyond.

“In drawing aside for length periods of time, we seek to rid ourselves of the corrosion of soul that accrues from constant interaction with others and the world around us. In this place of quiet communion, we discover again that we do have souls, that we indeed have inner beings to be nurtured. Then we begin to experience again the presence of God in the inner sanctuary, speaking to and interacting with us. We understand anew that God will not compete for our attention. We must arrange time for our communion with Him as we draw aside in solitude and silence.”

Dallas Willard – The Great Omission


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