Day 459 – Oct 2 2010 – On the road again & ready to be done

I’ve been pretty much stationary for nearly two months except for the occasional and brief excursion. I have enjoyed my stay with Barb, helping while she recuperated from knee surgery but my time is up and I’m ready to get back on the road. Or am I? I may have become a little too comfortable here, sleeping in a real bed, eating hot food and I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed TV or an indoor bathroom. Or perhaps it’s something more.

At the end of these October travels my destination will be Cape Cod, Mass. My once adored home that I haven’t seen in 15 years. Sadly haven’t wanted to see it either. My best friend from school, Marie, is getting married and I promised to be there and at the time I was actually looking forward to it. But now that  the date is getting closer and I’m actually heading in that direction, there’s a knot in my stomach that I’m trying to ignore. There are Inner demons I’m afraid I’ll need to face.

“Travelers aren’t running away from anything, not running away from themselves. Alone you are always with yourself and have to be at home with yourself.” Cees Nooteboom

Now I run to what I’ve feared most…going home.


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