Day 392: July 27 2010. “Do it now, the chance may not come again”

My favorite camping spot

Last year I found the most beautiful spot along the Keweenaw peninsula. I could have moved there, except or the 100’s of inches of snow every winter. I stayed only a short time convinced I would come back and camp overnight. As usual I was in a hurry to get to my next destination.

Here it is nearly a year later, I’ve worked all summer to get to my sacred spot and I only have one evening. I get here, it’s cloudy and a severe storm threatens my quaint camping spot. I’m only feet from Lake Superior. Stay or leave? I’ve come so far and waited so long so leaving isn’t given much consideration.

However there is a silver lining, I met Susan and her brood of 7 kids and hubby. The nicest Christian family you’d ever want to meet. We just seemed to click; they too have lived a life of adventure. I think her daughters thought I was weird, but her 7-year old Jonathan thought I was cool, and was intrigued by my living arrangements. He was my little buddy and wealth of knowledge of the impending storm.

My favorite camping spot

So what’s the point? If you find yourself in a place of beauty, a place where God puts you, a place of peace and restoration, then stay and enjoy it. Don’t let our own schedule distract you. No one was waiting on me, I could have taken an extra day but I left.

Coming back wasn’t the issue and it was a hard road to get here this day. But it wasn’t the same. The peace and beauty were gone, albeit temporarily, but gone never the less. I had waited a year to spend time at my favorite little spot and I couldn’t even be outside for most of it.

As in all areas of life, God has a plan and puts us where we need to be, when we need to be there. But we also can choose to leave his safety, his peace, his will. God gives us opportunities; we have to choose to act on them. I wonder what would have happened, how much peace and joy I would have enjoyed if I had taken that extra day. Will I ever learn to slow down and enjoy the abundant life Jesus died for me to have?

Opportunities are like sunrises – if you wait too long, you miss them. William Arthur Ward


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