Day 383: July 18. “Unexpected blessings”

What a wonderful week. I’ve been here in beautiful and friendly Bellaire, Michigan. Most of the places I work the people are, well, a little less than inviting. I’m usually ready and glad to move on. Not this time. I would love to stay. Everyone I’ve meet has been so kind, helpful and inviting. I found a nice little campground on a lake for a great price. The hosts were so pleasant and accommodating, making sure all their guests were taken care of. This is a beautiful area. I spent some time at nearby Lake Michigan looking for Petoskey stones and enjoying conversations with other gatherers.

Lynn invited me to visit at their campsite so I got out of my comfort zone and went. We had so much in common and enjoyed talking for hours. As I left she gave me a little hand make basket she weaved, it still hangs in my van as a reminder of her graciousness.

This week was full of unexpected blessings.

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~Mark Twain


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