Day 378 – July 13 2010 – Hospitality in Bellaire

I have been to so many places, so many counties, met so many people. Sometimes I have felt welcome other times I felt a prickling like knives scratching my back as the people at the courthouses would secretly send vibes that I wasn’t welcome. Some places were so bad I can say I wouldn’t want to go back. Sometimes this unwelcoming would extend to a whole state such as Mississippi and Kentucky. Then there are other states such as Missouri and Tennessee where I felt welcomed wherever I went.

Some people and places are particularly memorable. There was woman in Craig Colorado who welcomed me and enjoyed hearing stories of my travels. There was another county I couldn’t concentrate with all the women looking at baby pictures. Ugh, these sappy women drive me crazy, jees it just a baby. It makes my skin crawl.

I spent a week in Bellaire Michigan and I must say this is then nicest place I’ve been. Everyone I’ve met has been so nice and helpful. I met a woman while collecting Petoskey stones on the beaches of Lake Michigan. Lynn was a kindred spirit. I joined her and her husband for the evening and had a wonderful time. Thank you Jesus for all the wonderful people you put in my path on this journey.

Petoskey Stones


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