Day 301 – Apr 27 2010 – The thorn in my side digs deeper

Despite my self-medicating and the numerous visits to the doctor my kidney problem is worsening. Today it peaked. I had to stop twice on my way to the courthouse from severe abdominal pain. I’d lay down and it eventually eased up. By the time I made it to the courthouse the pain not only returned but it did so with a vengeance. I spent more than four hours lying on the bathroom floor doubled over in pain or hugging the toilet. Some of the women must have noticed my long stay and came in and checked on me. I seriously considered calling 9-1-1 but decided to keep praying. Then suddenly the pain was gone but I was left severely weakened and decided to rest.

I had intuitive moment and thought it may be a kidney stone and with some research I found my symptoms matched.

Paul mentions a thorn in his side that would keep him focused on Jesus. Since December this has been my thorn. Will I ever be pain free?


What do you think?

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