Day 273 – Mar 30 2010 – Moonlight and crazies in Paducah, Kentucky

I never gave much thought to the full moon and craziness correlation but last night would change my mind.

I decided to stay in the beautiful Whitehaven historic rest area. At 10:30pm I settled in for the evening, got the van ready for the evening, pulled out a movie and there was a knock on my window. I didn’t have all the curtains up yet so the man could see me. I let down the window a bit to hear him. He gave a sob story about not having cash to pay for gas he had already pumped and the attendant was going to call the police if he didn’t pay. True or not, what fool would approach a woman after dark for money. I don’t carry cash so I sent him on his way. Luckily I still had Princess. I’ve never seen her so ferocious. Good girl.

But wait there’s more…12:45am, another knock on the window. I don’t know what they wanted. I just let Princess handle it. They didn’t stay long. Once I was sure they were gone I moved to a more populated part of the park.

I am so blessed. I’ve been on the road for nine months and that is the only problem I’ve had staying in such a place.


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