Day 271 – Mar 28 2010 – Angry with God, AGAIN

What a frustrating time and a new adventure. I planned my trip so that I would bring Princess to Margie when it got too warm for her around the middle of May. I didn’t realize it would get so warm so fast. It seems only last week I was begging God for heat. Now I’m begging for cold. I have another month to work and no place to keep Princess.

What to do? Do I quit my job, and do what? Do I risk hurting my baby or losing her? More heat and the weather station calls for temps in the upper 70s for the next 10 days.

I remember the cold front in October when I got angry with God for not coming to my rescue in the bitter cold now I’m angry because it’s too warm. I told God, “I can’t do this anymore, why aren’t you taking care of me. I’ll just take care of myself. I’ll go on without you”. By the time I walked from my van to the bathroom the absence of God in my heart was so deadening I knew I could not survive. I begged for forgiveness and said “if you never help me again I don’t care, but I can’t live without you. If I never feel your spirit is no matter I will always believe in you, I will always love you.” That’s all it took. Peace and joy were instantly restored. With my new attitude came the answer I didn’t know I was looking for…call Margie and see if she’ll take Princess now. Praise Jesus she said yes. Margie you are such a God-send.


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