Day 263 – Mar 20 2010 – Finding a place to stay

Winter on the road has developed a whole new set of adventures. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad I stayed on the road, but then again it’s not like Jesus gave me a choice. I chose southern states because I thought I would be warmer. I was wrong. Twenty degrees in New Orleans? Below twenty in the rest of Louisiana? Is this real? I scrambled to find open campgrounds with electricity and luckily that wasn’t a problem in Louisiana and Mississippi. Then I come to Kentucky and open campgrounds are far and few between. Most don’t open until April. Most of the counties that I need to be in are so remote there are no highways so no rest areas or truck stops and no Wal-Marts. I sought to find road side parking or apartment parking lots or even drive to another state. And with continuing kidney problems it is difficult to be too far from a bathroom making even Wal-marts problematic.

I’m in Kennett Missouri for the weekend and there’s not a campground or hotel within 60 miles that allows for dogs. Finally I find a Motel 6, 50 miles away in Jonesboro Arkansas. It feels like vacation!

Ahh, what new adventures await…


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