Day 257: Mar 14. “I’m better because I knew them”

After a week on the Trace I’m ready to move on. The car’s fixed and it’s time to head to my next destination. When my car broke down I wasn’t terribly upset, I knew as long as I had the money it would get fixed. No concerns about loneliness, lack of electricity, showers, ice and water, these are only minor irritations. After all I’ve been through, this problem, like all things with God turned into a blessing.

Fran and Bruce, the camp hosts, invited me to visit they helped me out in my predicament, getting me ice and taking me to town but that pales in significance to the real help they gave me.

We spent the week laughing and eating the best fire cooked food, breakfast at the General Café, enjoying coffee and company at Yoder’s Market, new friends Fred, Doris & Gerald; afternoons at buffalo coffee house. I knew I was grateful for the time they spent with me but I didn’t realize until I left the degree of their true impact.

Over the past two months the loneliness of this trip has taken its toll on my heart and soul. I had become frustrated and irritable, couldn’t find a smile or joy in my heart. I felt blackened. Depressed and low. I talked to God about this every time it came up. I realized my loneliness was my own doing. I wasn’t making friends because I didn’t stay anywhere long enough. When I was forced to stay in one place I was also forced to be a friend.

Fran and Bruce’s friendship and caring warmed my heart and freed my soul of its dark place. As I said my goodbyes I hesitated leaving but I had a long drive ahead so leave I must. As I pulled out of the campground I was no longer feeling the loss but was filled with peace and joy, the very thing I hadn’t felt in months. I am a better person because I knew them.

Thank you Fran and Bruce. You were such a blessing and I look forward to visiting with you again.

Be ready with a meal or a bed when it’s needed. Why, some have extended hospitality to angels without ever knowing it! Hebrews 13:2


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