Day 220 – 2.5.10, Cave Spring & Natchez Trace Parkway, Alabama

“The earth has music for those who listen” Geroge Santayana


6 responses to “Day 220 – 2.5.10, Cave Spring & Natchez Trace Parkway, Alabama

  1. I especially love the photo of the long bridge over the water…..

    • Thanks. Bridges were a problem for me at the beginning of the trip, actually all my adult life. I didn’t even like to look at them and driving over would cause panic attacks. But on this journey this unreasonalbe fear is something else I overcame and now I enjoy driving over them as well as photos. Fear sure causes crazy behavior.

      • There is only one bridge that frightens me…and that is the Chesapeake Bay bridge. Many years ago (when I was about 10), my mom was driving when we suddenly saw the bridge looming in the distance. She started yelling, “I can’t do this…I can’t do this…I can’t breathe…we are all going to die.”
        And then she slammed on the brakes and we stopped right in the middle of Route 50. My dad jumped out of the car, switched place with my mom, and he drove over the bridge. (they didn’t talk to each other for a while after that).
        That happened a long, long time ago. I grew up, moved away, and drove over lots of beautiful bridges in many states with no problem. And then, one day, I came back to the East Coast again….and I had to drive over the Chesapeake Bay bridge. I didn’t think it was a problem. However (unfortunately), as soon as I got onto that bridge, old memories came flooding back. I remembered my mom and suddenly I could barely breathe. I struggled, almost frozen with fear, the entire way over that long bridge. It was really scary.
        So….memories of fear cause crazy behavior too.
        I stay away from that particular bridge. There are ghosts from the past standing in my way!

      • I have had the pleasure of crossing the tunnel bridge twice. Ok, the first wasn’t really pleasurable, it was during hurricane agnes. Next in my early my mid 20s with my husband, somehow I hadn’t developed the fear yet. I had hoped to go again on this trip when I was in VA with my girls but time didn’t permit. It is a long drive if you’re afraid of it.

  2. I forgot about that one. The Chesapeake Bay tunnel bridge is near Virginia Beach, Virginia.
    I have not been over (or under) that..
    The older “above :water” Chesapeake Bay Bridge is up near Annapolis, Maryland (U.S. Route 50)..
    There are 2 bridges there now (side by side), and they are 10.9 miles long (# 4 longest in the world), with the highest point at the middle. The first sight of the bridge was too much for mom. I found a recent video that someone made while driving over. You can see the other “sister” bridge on the left side Certainly, no room for error!

    • I had forgotten about that bridge. I actually did drive over this bridge later in my trip but it was late at night so i couldn’t tell how high and there wasn’t much traffic. I didn’t want to deal with DC traffic so I chose to go over it close to midnight. It would be interest to try again in the light. And your right, not much room for error.

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