Day 215 – Day 156: Jan 31. “Depressed”

I wake depressed, I’m not where I’m supposed to be. I had two dreams last night and only remember a little. In the first I kept repeating the same action over and over. In the second I kept seeing “contracts”. These dreams are telling me I’m working too much and now I’ve added more counties to my relaxing trip home. What am I doing to myself? I am getting NO rest. Is it a wonder I’m depressed? I’m living in rough, cold conditions, working too much and my health getting worse. I’m not experiencing much and what I do experience leaves me exhausted, agitated or frustrated. There is no joy, no peace and no beauty revealed.

Jesus help me thru the rest of these jobs, then help me to relax, I know you have the money situation in hand. Help me to enjoy this journey, experience it, not just blaze my way through.


What do you think?

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