Day 203 – Jan 19 2009 – A day in the hospital

Again, I have been very lucky that I’ve not been sick on this trip, oops I spoke too soon. I spent the day in the hospital.

During my pre-Christmas trip to Mississippi and Louisiana I was desperate to make my self-imposed quota of counties. In order to finish on time I made some bad choices. Didn’t take enough bathroom breaks then I started drinking Coca Cola, something I hadn’t done in 15 years at least. By Christmas I started noticing the symptoms of a bladder infection by New Years the pain was unmanageable. My independence of course kept me from seeing a doctor and I chose to self medicate with cranberry juice.  The symptoms better but weren’t gone. A couple of days ago I did visit a doctor, got medication and proceeded to think I was on my way to being cured. By last night the pain was debilitating and this morning I found my way to a hospital. I was given shots and prescriptions and allowed to rest until I could drive.

I made it to a rest area and tried to find a hotel that would accept dogs, no luck so I stayed the night. I thought it would be a nice rest until I found that the meds caused vomiting, ugh. At least I made it to the rest room. The next day I drove into Arkansas to find a room. Finally I can get some real rest.

One response to “Day 203 – Jan 19 2009 – A day in the hospital

  1. Dear Jubilee: I am glad I somehow managed to find your blog again. I am so sorry to hear you are unwell, especially as cold approaches. I hope medications had time to help. Perhaps time for rest? A local convent, monastary, hostel? Our body is our dearest companion and needs compassion. Peace be with you dear one.

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