Day 187: Jan 3. “The darkness begins”

For the past few weeks it’s only been work, work, work, and then another illness. The holiday week proved to be filled with anxiety. My girls dance with the devil and expect me to rejoice in it. I’ve not felt such a presence of demons in a long time. Ashley especially is surrounded by them and now they’re on me. I believe it was easier for the enemy to be successful in his attack this time since I was vulnerable with hypertension, a kidney infection and just plain exhausted. Ashley’s constant attack on my attitude weighs heavy on me, if she only knew how her negativity was affecting those around her.

Ashley commented on our road trip in October that I was the most negative person she knew. Wow, I think the knife is still there. If she only knew what God had brought me through. But the demons were so thick that she saw nothing else but the person I was years ago. And now I’m left feeling like I can’t go back to Florida, especially to live. I can’t let Satan undo all God has done. Unfortunately I didn’t realize the presence of demons; it wasn’t until I was away from Florida that I could feel the difference. I could have done something; prayed or cleansed the room. But I did nothing but leave with a broken heart, feeling that those I love the most tear me down to tears.

Lord, bring people into their lives that can pray for them and show them your love. Jesus, send your angels to clean their home of demons and finally soften their hearts to you. I know it’s always darkest before the dawn therefore I will continue to trust you with them.


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