Day 132: Nov 9. “One journey ends, another begins”

My birthday week was a beautiful celebration of God’s love, grace and glory. After the fantastic moments with my family in Georgia we headed to our next stop, Scenic US Route 60 in central West Virginia. This is one of the more spectacular scenic routes in the US; mountains, rivers, foliage and my favorite, numerous waterfalls of various shapes, sizes and volume. I was here two years ago on a bike trip with my church and I’ve been trying to get back ever since.

We spend a few days in Williamsburg, Virginia visiting Busch Gardens and Colonial National Historic Park in Jamestown. From there it’s to the South of the Border, South Carolina, a favorite spot when I was a child during the long journey from Massachusetts to Georgia. We ended our time together in Myrtle Beach. It’s off season but still warm and beautiful.

I drop my girls off at the bus station, they return to Florida and I continue my journey west, for a brief trip for waterfall discovery. I explore the Blue Ridge Parkway for a few days, then Great Smokey Mountain National Park for a few days. This place was crazy and I’ll never go back. It took two hours to drive the 37 mile route across the park. It’s mid-afternoon on a weekday, what are these people doing here, why aren’t they at work? Ok, I’m sure it’s become evident that I’m not a people person. People, as opposed to the individual, do not respect let alone revere God’s creation and it bugs me, A LOT. My nerves are shot.

I need some alone time with God, some wilderness time, experiencing his beauty so I end the weekend visiting waterfalls in Georgia. Tallulah State Park in the morning and Unicon State Park in the afternoon, this is the rest I needed. That’s not all. I found a water spigot. I can wash my hair. Oh, the little things I get excited about.

I recently reread my April 11, 2009 journal entry and I have to laugh at my presumption; “this trip would lead to the final letting go, the final restoration”. But there’s nothing final about it. Restoration is ongoing until Christ returns. Little did I know this would be the first of many restorations, and any opportunities to be set free.

The jubilee journey year is over but the jubilee journey with Christ continues – a new phase that will last my entire life. I will continue on this road trip with Jesus, perhaps for a year, that was my original intentions, but who knows where God will lead and when He’ll do it. I’ll just continue what I’m doing until he leads me to do something else.

Jubilee restoration in Christ is the freedom that comes from the healed heart, the restored heart. It is a journey without end until the final restoration on the day of Christ’s return.


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