Day 131 – Nov 8 2009 – A new perspective

I’ve noticed I get very irritated when I encounter people in wilderness places, I get annoyed and maybe even a little angry. I’m definitely not showing God’s love. I spent two days at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina/Tennessee and spent most of it being very annoyed. I couldn’t wait to leave. This place is beautiful with waterfalls thrown around along the side of the road like someone splattered paint to mark trees. It’s just amazing; however, my patience was tried more than ever. It was so packed with people, bumper to bumper traffic and even early in the day. Where are all those people going and why aren’t they at work? It took two hours to drive the length of the park and it’s only about 30 miles. I didn’t dare stop to photograph anything. I didn’t think I could get back in line.

I tried again Saturday. Traffic flowed much better but still heavy. Trails were difficult and often impassable due to the number of hikers. I Still couldn’t wait to leave. There were waterfalls in Georgia I wanted to see so I decided to cut this part of the trip short.

Sunday I spent the morning at Tallulah Gorge State Park and the afternoon at Unicoi State Park. There were several beautiful fall at Tallulah Gorge but unfortunately I couldn’t walk down to the gorge as the river had been flooded to allow for a kayak run. Sure wish I had a kayak. I didn’t see the falls at Unicoi, I was still exhausted from my morning trek and I had yet to begin my long drive to Missouri. I did take time to enjoy the park. I picnicked under a shelter overlooking a lake doing a little piddling on the computer. Luckily there were electrical outlets. But even better there was a water spicket. There is nothing more refreshing, rejuvenating or attitude changing than a good hair wash. Wow, did I feel better. Peace and calm were restored as I washed out the frustration through the cleansing of my hair. I was able to remember, I’m not on this journey to be a friend to all, I’m here to be with my Lord. That’s a bit hard with the clatter of noise from others.

So guys when your girls won’t go out with you because she’s washing her hair, remember she may be getting an attitude adjustment.

Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about. – Oscar Wilde


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