Day 101: Oct 9. “Fighting with God”

I worked so hard this week, got more done than ever, fought for places to stay and now I want a hotel room at least for one night to relax, rest, recuperate and thaw out. I’m so stressed and tired. This is to be the coldest night yet, under 20º and snow. I drove two hours to reach Minnesota’s North Shore then drove another two hours driving up and down Highway 61 looking for a hotel. I finally found one open, but there was no vacancy. All the other hotels I found were closed for the season. I then started looking for RV parks with electricity. Again, closed for the season. One lady smugly said “you don’t have a reservation? Its Friday, most places are full”. Yeah, like I could find her five-room motel on She never filled her 5 rooms either; the weather too bad.

What to do? I went to the one place I knew I could go. The rest area in Duluth that I had planned on going to until extreme cold set in and the chance of snow. Ok, more than a chance, it was snowing by the time I got there. While I like this place I’d rather be in a bed in a warm room.

Needless to say all the way back I’m fussing and griping at God. I was so angry, “Why are you not taking care of my heart, not to mention there rest of me. Where is my protector now, my lover, the one I’m supposed to trust?” But I did trust, there were no doubts I’d find a place and a cheap one. What happened?

This time of the year I never dreamed God would leave me out in the cold. But what didn’t kill me would make me stronger, right? That’s what they say, right; and who are “they” anyway.

O Lord, you misled me, and I allowed myself to be misled. You are stronger than I am, and you overpowered me. Jeremiah 20:7


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